Summer Festival Cremona 2012

· Master Classes for violin, viola, marimba and composition
· 3rd International Solo Violin Competition

Hosted by the Camera di Commercio in Cremona, Italy

Organized by the International Academy of Arts

Practical organization by Love²Arts

Professors and jury members

Ludwig Albert (marimba)
Mikhaïl Bezverkhny (violin & viola)
Hye-Woon Cho (violin)
Jan Van Landeghem (composition)
Gian Paolo Luppi (composition)
Jenny Spanoghe (violin & viola)
Robert Szreder (violin)
Dirk Verelst (violin)

Frederic Blockx (secretary of the competition)

Further information

For further information regarding each segment of the Summer Festival, please see their dedicated page on the web site of the International Academy Of Arts:

· Master Classes
· 3rd International Solo Violin Competition