Summer Festival Antwerp 2021


The festival may still be canceled if it is not allowed to take place due to renewed health restrictions.  We may also decide to cancel the festival if we are unable to guarantee a 100% secure progress of the event.
To anyone coming from abroad, please remember to get a cancellation option with your travel documents.


From August 2 through August 9, 2021 @MA'GO Music Academy and @Opus 4

· Master Classes for violin, baroque violin, viola, viola da spalla, cello, flute, piano and marimba
(from August 2 through August 7 @MA'GO Music Academy)
· Concerts by Master Class students
(on August 4, 5 and 7 at 7pm @MA'GO Music Academy)
· International Young Talent Music Competition
(on August 8 at 3.30pm @MA'GO Music Academy)
· Final concert and Reception
(on August 9 at 7pm @Opus 4)

Professors and jury members

International Young Talent Music Competition

Subscribers of the Master Classes may also subscribe to the Music Competition.  The following prizes will be awarded: 1st prize 600€, 2nd prize 400€, 3rd prize 300€ and Young Talent prize 100€.


To subscribe to the Master Classes and the Music Competition, please click a professor of your choice in the list above.

Locations and contact details

Love²Arts (Opus 4)
Desguinlei 90 - 2018 Antwerpen

+32 473 40 69 11

MA'GO Music Academy
Mechelsesteenweg 125 - 2018 Antwerpen