Aug 2-Aug 12 2022

Summer Festival Antwerp 2022

The 2022 Summer Festival is scheduled to run from August 2 through August 12, 2022 in Antwerp.  Subscriptions to the master classes and the competitions are now open!
Aug 2-Aug 8 2022

Master Class Artur Kaganovskiy

Artur Kaganovskiy is a late addition to the list of professors to give master classes at the 2022 Summer Festival.  Subscribe now!
May 31-Jul 15 2022

Competition for New Media & Illustrative Art

This edition's winners are Theo Broeren, Carole Czopp and Mike Malané.  The selected art works will be exhibited at the Gangnam Media Art Gallery.

Artist in residence: Jea Hyun Nam

Jea Hyun Nam is a contemporary Korean artist based in Seoul. His work showcases an interesting blend of reality and fantasy.