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Seongnyeo Hong at work

Seongnyeo Hong demonstrates how she creates a work of art.

Presentation Helena Olewicz (Dutch)

Helena Olewicz presents herself and her art works in the Love²Arts Gallery.

Extract from Limburg@Work of TV Limburg, broadcast on November 26, 2012 [source].

Kana Sugimura in 2006

Kana Sugimura playing Béla Bartók's 2nd Violin Concerto (2nd and 3rd movement) at her final round of the Hannover International Violin Competition in 2006.

Orchestra: NDR Radiophilharmonie conducted by Christoph Poppen.

Sylvia Huang at the age of 10

Sylvia Huang playing Paganini's 1st Concerto for violin and orchestra with the Charlemagne Orchestra conducted by Bartholomeus-Henri Van de Velde.

Brussels, January 2005.