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Pau Escat


Pau Escat is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Barcelona. His work is based on investigating and finding beauty in imperfections. He learned to paint during his travels through Asia, Africa and America that served as inspiration. He confesses that it took him a long time to develop his own style, but for a reason. "You need a lot of time to find yourself, develop your language and understand your own voice."

"With my works I investigate the breadth of the horizon, the line between light, the harmony of an abstract landscape, in short, my particular way of understanding the reality that surrounds me, of understanding concepts such as silence and personal peace."

Through color, with rough brushstrokes, I play with light and shadow. I continually investigate the depth between chromatic layers within a personal pictorial framework. Intuition and experimentation are part of my creative process, creating dialogues with the viewer in nonexistent places, conversations in imaginary spaces in abstract landscapes.

Inspired by nature, Escat transfers these mental images with indecipherable mysteries to the canvas, his abstract style helps him capture the sensations and magic that we often have before us and go unnoticed.

Working primarily with acrylics, he creates textures and layers with various tools, discovering color relationships and unexpected compositions.