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Bart Rodyns

Bart Rodyns is a Belgian organist and harpsichordist. As a young musician, he played jazz and pop music and learned how to improvise. He began as a student of Dries Van Handenhoven at the Antwerp High School of Art, where he graduated with a degree in Classical Music for organ and harpsichord. He then continued his education at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp (Belgium) and the Conservatory of Maastricht (Netherlands). Among his teachers were Dorthy de Rooij, Hans Leenders, Joris Verdin and Marcel Verheggen. He obtained his Master of Music degree with highest honor. He took on different styles of music with Naji Hakim and Andrea Marcon.

Bart Rodyns's repertoire covers the complete history of music from the Renaissance up to contemporary music. He also works together with music theater actors and directors. He was in charge of the music for productions such as Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda (Walpurgis) and Nina Nina (Het Paleis) among others.

In 2007, Bart Rodyns founded the ensemble Il trionfo del Tempo with tenor Jan van Elsacker. They perform authentic music from the 15th and 16th century. He is also the artistic director and continuo player of the Euterpe Baroque Consort, a vocal and instrumental ensemble of professional international musicians delivering music performances on historical instruments, and a member of the Oltremontano ensemble directed by Wim Bécu. In 2013, Hendrickje van Kerckhove, Bart Rodyns, Eliot Lawson and Lode Leire bring the historic ensemble "The Party" back to life, a musical group with violinist Henry Vieuxtemps, bassist Giovanni Bottesini, harmonium Player Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens, and soprano Helen Sherrington.

Bart Rodyns is the titulary organist and artistic advisor for the organ in the church of Broechem, Belgium. He is also a member of several organ committees and artistic advisor to cultural project "Dieseghem". He regularly performs live shows for the Belgian, Dutch, French, Czech and Danish radio.

At the Antwerp High School of Art, Bart Rodyns passes his passion for music and his extensive knowledge on to his students.

Zeitspiel Klavierduo (Bart Rodyns and Nicolas Callot) performing Scarlatti Sonatas K63 & K32
Source: YouTube
Performance by Bart Rodyns (harpsichord and organ) and Jan Van Elsacker (tenor)
Source: YouTube