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Katja Van Crombrugge


"Art is my medium of communication, by means of which I express my bewonderment for the human race.  In a world dominated by stress and strife — we often lose the essence of our being.  My art is for everyone who is in love with their fellow humans — their principles and values."

"Art, and sculpting in particular, is my passion and a significant factor in my life.  In my sculptures I like to express the individuality, authenticity, emotional strength and mankind's inner beauty.  Current affairs in combination with my belief "Everyone is Beautiful" form the foundations of my art expressions.  Inspired by contemporary artists like Marc Quinn, impressionists like Rodin and pop-art icons as Warhol and Broodthaers along with a huge dose of my own idiosyncrasy, I strive to grow as an artist with her own unique and varied style."