Max Morton


Max Morton was born in 1943 in Liverpool.  At the age of 2, he moved to Latin America (Chile, Peru and Argentina) with his parents, where he stayed up and through his adolescence.

From the early beginning, he has shown a profound interest in painting, and taught himself through exploring the traditional painting techniques and the Aztec art in particular.

Max Morton's very personal colour palette, which he obtains by mixing natural pigments and ancient colors, enriched by his poetical and phylosophical thoughts, allows him to achieve the particular brightness seen in his dreamful canvasses.

The sailing boats, his favourite theme, reflect power and light, while his other paintings express the realms of his dreams and of his desire to escape.


1971: Galeria De Arte Tour Social, Spain
1972: Salon Culturel Exposition Col. hmnos MARISTAS, Spain
1973: Galerie Raymond Duncan, Paris, France
1974: Galerià Méli à Alicante, Spain
1975: Hôtel Casablanca Art Gallery, Morocco
1976: Galerie la Chablière, Bruxelles, Belgium
1977: Hendels Diamanten Bank Kunst Galerij, Antwerpen, Belgium
1978: Musée Horta Bruxelles, Ixelles, Belgium
1979: Centre Culturel de Boondael, Belgium
1982: Melbourne, Australia
1986: Ferrera Art Déco Gallery
2000: Compositions littéraires
2002: Parcourt d'artistes Schaerbeek, Belgium
2003: "Schaerbeek Ma découverte" à l'Espace culturel et théâtrale Scarabaeus ASBL, Belgium
2004: Cobalt international gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2005: Atelier Camino
2006: Square Riga (ITS Raining Sunshine), Bruxelles, Belgium
2006: Kunst Galerij De Lijn, Mechelen, Belgium
2007: Arka Galerie, Bruxelles, Belgium