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Concert: Les Menus-Plaisirs du Roy

"Teodorico Pedrini's journey to China" — Baroque concert by Les Menus-Plaisirs du Roy on September 2, 2023 at 8pm.

Les Menus-Plaisirs du Roy are: Wei-Lian Huang (soprano), Catherine Daron (traverso and dizi), Piet Van Steenbergen (gamba), Luc Van Vaerenbergh (harpsichord) and Jean-Luc Impe (theorbo, baroque guitar and musical direction)

Illustrated with the Magical Lantern (Anaëlle and Ysandrelle Impe)

Music: Locatelli, de Boismortier, Amiot, Ramsay and Pedrini

Place: Love²Arts Gallery

Organized by Love²Arts