Summer Festival Seoul 2013


From July 22 through July 31, 2013
@Korea National University of Arts - School of Music
@KNUA Hall

· Masterclasses for violin and viola
· 4th International Solo Violin Competition
· Concerts by masterclass students

Artistic director: Sung-Ju Lee
General director: Dirk Verelst
Organization: Seungyun Jin (Jinny Jin)

Masterclass professors

International Solo Violin Competition

Jury: all professors, Dirk Verelst (chairman) and Frederic Blockx (secretary)

Prize winners
1st prize: Hiriko Ninagawa (Japan)
2nd prize: Young-June Lee (Korea)
3rd prize: Yoon-Sung Yang (Korea)


1st round (Monday, July 29)

  1. Johann Sebastian Bach — Adagio and Fuge from 1 of the 3 sonatas for solo violin (free choice)
  2. Niccolò Paganini — 2 caprices (free choice)
  3. Eugène Ysaÿe — 1 solo violin sonata (free choice)

2nd round (Tuesday, July 30)

  1. Paul Hindemith — sonata for solo violin opus 31 #2 (1924)
    1. Leicht bewegte Viertel
    2. Ruhig bewegte Achtel
    3. Gemächliche Viertel
    4. Fünf Variationen über das Lied "Komm, lieber Mai" v. Mozart
  2. Choice piece:
    Felix Ceunen — Cadenza e Vivace (score | video)
    or Takahiro Sakuma — Chain Reaction (score | video)
    or Jeajoon Ryu — Capriccio per violino
  3. Choice piece:
    Isang Yun — Kontraste (2nd movement)
    or Luciano Berio — Sequenza #8

Final round (Wednesday, July 31)

  1. Choice piece:
    Béla Bartók — Solo sonata (Chaconne)
    or Sergei Prokofiev — Solo sonata opus 115 (complete)
  2. One solo piece of a maximum duration of 10 minutes (free choice)
    It is not allowed to repeat one of the pieces played in the 1st or 2nd round.