Summer Academy Saas-Fee 2017


From August 3 through August 12, 2017
@Primarschule Saas-Fee
@Evangelisch Reformierte Kirche

· Masterclasses for violin, cello, piano and marimba
· Academy Awards Competition for violin, cello, piano and marimba
· Concerts by masterclass students

Music director: Dirk Verelst
Organization: Seungyun Jin (Jinny Jin)

Masterclass professors


Academy Awards Competition

Jury: all professors, Dirk Verelst (chairman) and Seungyun Jin (secretary)

Prize winners
1st prize: Se Jin Park (Korea)
2nd prize: Seng Yun Kim (Korea)
3rd prize: Ye In Lee (Korea)
Yeon Ju Song (Korea)
Young talent prize: Ji Won Jeon (Korea)

Program for violin

  1. Niccolò Paganini — 1 caprice (free choice)
  2. Johann Sebastian Bach — 1 movement from Solo Sonatas & Partitas (free choice)

Program for cello

  1. Johann Sebastian Bach — 1 movement from the Suites for solo cello (free choice)
  2. Carlo Alfredo Piatti — 1 of the 12 Caprices for solo cello, op. 25 (free choice)

Program for piano

  1. 1st movement from a sonata by Haydn, Mozart or Beethoven
  2. 1 etude by Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff or Scriabin

Program for marimba

  1. Ludwig Albert — Feel the sunlight
    or Keiko Abe — Variations on Dowland's Lachrimae Pavane
    or Paul Smadbeck — Virginia Tate
  2. Markus Halt — Marimbics
    or Joz Metzger — Spiral Passages
    or Anna Ignatowicz — Toccata
    or Eric Sammut — Caméléon
    or Chin Cheng Lin — Kaleidoscope
    or L. H. Stevens — Rhythmic Caprice
    or N. J. Zivkovic — Ultimatum

International Solo Violin Competition

The International Solo Violin Competition was canceled this edition.